Sunday, 22 December 2013

That Was The Week That Was 22.12.13

Relatively quiet at the moment. Last year, this blog's first Christmas, I was a bit overly zealous and committed to a Christmas Who-related post every day of December up to 24th. If you are new to the blog, go back and have a look. (Saves me trying to come up with a couple of dozen more items...).
For younger readers, let me reiterate, Santa does not normally employ flame-throwing trombones or mortar-firing tubas. He does not help alien invaders. Usually.

A couple more images released from The Time of the Doctor the other day - explaining Moffat's reference to it containing nudity. A clip from the family Christmas dinner sequence was also released.
I am a bit puzzled by the news that the Region 2 DVD release of this story (due on Monday 20th January) is going to contain Smith's three previous Christmas outings as extras. I would have expected most people to own versions already - either the single releases or as part of the box sets. I've actually got two versions of A Christmas Carol already - as the single issue has the first Smith Prom concert on it, which wasn't on the subsequent Series 6 box set.
The Region 1 release won't be out until 4th March, and doesn't have these other episodes, but there are three documentaries - which also feature on the Region 2 release.

The most astonishing thing about the winners of the Blue Peter "design a sonic device" competition was that a kid today knows what a lorgnette is. My faith in the British education system is restored. Either that or those daytime antique programmes have a younger following than I thought. This particular item sounds a bit more Vastra than Strax, however.
Lastly, no news from the recent BFI "Missing Believed Wiped" event. At least nothing concrete as far as Doctor Who is concerned. There was a very strong hint, however, that something might be announced next year.

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