Monday, 30 December 2013

Wot - No Emperor Dalek?

A good / bad surprise this morning when I received the latest Doctor Who figurines from Eaglemoss. Bad, in that the promised Emperor Dalek is still nowhere to be seen. The delivery earlier in December had an insert which stated that there was a "production problem" with this larger scale item, but it would be sent out next time. This problem seems to be continuing.
The good thing about today's delivery is that it comes three days earlier than I expected it - and included is the first of the rare Daleks only available to subscribers. This is the Dalek Supreme from The Daleks' Master Plan. It has its own little magazine to go with it. It marks the first figurine not to come from the post-2005 series. As you can see, the two main figures are of a Silent and the Timothy Dalton Rassilon. Shame the latter does not look too much like him. The next release after Rassilon will be Ood Sigma.

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  1. Yep sham we never got the emperor (again) but got to admit the Dalek supreme is a wee cracker.