Thursday 27 April 2023

Who in WoH (5)

The 7th issue of World of Horror magazine had a generic cowled skull photograph on the cover. Tales from the Crypt and Dr Terror's House of Horrors had both featured such an image in their publicity. (The former film was more recently released, and featured a skull with a single eyeball prominently in its poster, so probably a reference to it).
Space 1999 was the next big thing in TV sci-fi at the time - threatening to knock Doctor Who off its Saturday evening perch. The magazine had a big colour spread featuring some of the aliens that would feature in the opening season. Of course, ITV failed to network it properly, and only a couple of regions placed it against Who, and those who did watch found it a trifle dull and switched back to BBC 1. Personally, I much prefer the first season to the sub-Star Trek second.

For the second issue running, the inside front cover quiz had a Doctor Who element - First Doctor William Hartnell was the answer to "C". The only other one I knew was Peter Boyle from Young Frankenstein (B). Apparently "A" is from a film called Tomb of the Undead, which I can't trace. I suspect it's an alternative title for something like The Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue. Very hard to see is "D", which is an image from the bizarre Sean Connery film Zardoz, and "E" is from Hand of Death - a mad scientist B-movie from 1962.

There was mention of the Terrance Dicks stage play Doctor Who and the Daleks in Seven Keys to Doomsday on page 43, with a photo of stage Doctor Trevor Martin with a pair of Daleks. I've seen colour images from this press call, and the Daleks were black and red. (The header to this article would make a great name for a band / album).

Whilst the Doctor Who Appreciation Society was still a twinkle in the milkman's eye, there was the Doctor Who Fan Club. This Edinburgh-based group was run by Keith Miller, ably assisted at times by a certain Peter Capaldi of Glasgow. For many, the advert in World of Horror was the entry point into organised fandom.
FYI, Brigadier Bambera (Angela Bruce) was one of the cast of The Rocky Horror Show, then at the King's Road Theatre, and if you've been reading my "Episodes" posts lately you'll know that one of Douglas Camfield's repertoire of actors was a co-founder of The Dracula Society, who were looking for some fresh blood...
Finally, on the last couple of pages, we got to the main Doctor Who content - more "Petrifying Pin-ups".

It was back to the Pertwee era again this month. A lovely full page shot of Bellal from Death to the Daleks faced smaller images of his fellow Exxilons, Ogrons, Linx and a pair of Ambassadors (of Death!). Two of the pictures were B&W, and pretty much just silhouettes.
Did you know that the photographs of Pertwee posing with Ogrons (and Daleks) were actually taken during the Ealing filming of The Curse of Peladon, and not on location for Day of the Daleks? Note Pertwee's outfit.
This was the last of the monster-focussed photo spreads, but the series would feature in different ways in next two issues...

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