Friday 2 December 2022

L is for... Lilt

One of the staff at the Tranquil Repose funerary complex on the icy planet of Necros. Lilt was a particularly brutal man, quick to violence and who would resort to torture to get information quickly. He and his partner Takis oversaw security in the complex, which could be at risk from body snatchers. Tranquil Repose did not want anyone looking too closely into its operations, as the bodies of many of the people interred there had been used to produce a new race of Daleks by Davros who - posing as the Great Healer - controlled the complex.
Lilt and Takis were unhappy at the way Tranquil Repose was being run and so sent a secret message to Skaro, informing the Supreme Council of Davros' whereabouts.
Both men survived the destruction of the complex - blown up by a bomb wielded by the assassin Orcini.
The Doctor advised that they not try to recreate it. He showed them a plant which grew so profusely that it was known as the weed-plant, but could also be processed into a high protein foodstuff. Lilt and his partner were to become farmers.

Played by: Colin Spaull. Appearances: Revelation of the Daleks (1985).
  • Spaull was an old friend of director Graeme Harper. He employed him again on Rise of the Cybermen / The Age of Steel, where he played Mr Crane - making him only the second actor to appear in both incarnations of the series.
  • Before being offered the part of Lilt, he had been considered to play the mutant who attacks the Doctor in the snow.

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