Friday, 7 May 2021

Galaxy Four animated

Apparently the Hartnell story Galaxy Four will be released soon in animated form. Good to see a move away from Troughton stories, and this one is an obvious choice for a Hartnell as it has a small cast, limited settings and easily animated robots. Also, only three of the four episodes are missing - although I suspect they will animate all four anyway (they did this with The Faceless Ones, so you could watch a fully animated story and not have to switch between live / animated).
Of course, those of us who bought The Aztecs Special Edition DVD already have this story animated to an extent. The surviving episode, plus the large chunk of Episode One which exists, were coupled with some reconstruction animation to give a near complete version of the story, edited down quite a bit.
Last year two Troughton stories were mentioned as being animated - Evil of the Daleks and The Abominable Snowmen - and there's been no more about them, plus we're still waiting for The Web of Fear with animated third episode.
Everything needs confirming.


  1. I would love this rumour to be true. So can't wait for some kind of official announcement. Please, BBC?