Sunday 10 January 2021

J is for... Jac

A senior UNIT operative who worked closely with Kate Stewart at the Tower of London HQ. She helped investigate the mystery of how all the world's aircraft could have become frozen in mid-air. When Clara Oswald arrived, she had Jac search for the Doctor through history, and she employed an algorithm to seek out temporal paradoxes - knowing this would pin-point the Doctor's whereabouts.
She was later involved in a terrorist incident involving a rebel Zygon group who had been settled on Earth. Clara took her to her flat where they found a secret tunnel beneath the building, accessed through one of the elevators. However, in the tunnel she discovered Clara inside a Zygon pod, and realised that she had been lured into a trap by a Zygon duplicate. Jac and the UNIT soldiers with her were killed.

Played by: Jaye Griffiths. Appearances: The Magician's Apprentice, The Zygon Invasion (both 2015).

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