Wednesday 22 April 2020


If you're wondering why I haven't said anything about the on-going Lockdown Tweet-alongs to a selection of Nu-Who stories, it's simply because I don't do Twitter. I joined it a couple of years ago but never tweeted once and stopped looking at it after a couple of weeks. Just not my thing.
I understand they're very popular and have covered stories from Eccleston to Capaldi so far. Cast and crew participate. I believe they've also done a Torchwood one as well.
To be honest, I'm very choosy about what Doctor Who stories I watch and when, and have to be in the right frame of mind to re-view them, and following someone else's timetable doesn't work for me.
I tend to watch whole seasons at a time, or have an annual 'watch every story from the start' marathon over a few months. I'm not so keen on dipping into individual stories at random.
If you haven't discovered these events then you can keep up to date with them on most of the Doctor Who news blogs and websites. You can see the highlights of past events and find out what's coming up next here:


  1. Agreed. Twitter never took off for me either. I just watched “Farewell, Sarah Jane” which was really sweet. Would be interested to see what you thought. Great blog btw.

  2. Thanks for the compliment. I've still to watch the most recent extra. I quite liked the Rory one.

  3. I've just watched "FSJ" and it is indeed a very sweet tribute to both the character and the actress who played her. I'm glad we had the video inserts. I was a bit resistant at first, as I'm one of those people who likes to think that Sarah Jane Smith is still out there, fighting the good fight against aliens, and I was always glad they never killed off the character in the main series as they did with the Brigadier. It was nice, therefore that Rani at the end suggested that she might not be dead after all, and had gone off travelling one more time with the Doctor. That RTD can put more emotion into 13 minutes than his successors could ever do in 10, 12 or 13 episodes.