Friday 31 January 2020

H is for... Harkness, The real Captain Jack

When Captain Jack Harkness and colleague Toshiko Sato were transported back in time to the Second World War and the Cardiff Blitz, they found themselves in a dance hall which was derelict and reputedly haunted in the 21st Century. The venue was still full of life in this time zone, frequented by many servicemen and their girlfriends. Tosh found herself under suspicion from some RAF men, due to her Japanese heritage, but their commander stepped in to save her. Tosh was shocked to hear him introduce himself as Captain Jack Harkness. Jack later admitted that he used an assumed name - one he had taken from a real Captain Jack Harkness who had died during the war. Jack realised that this was the last night of his namesake's life. In the morning he and his men would set off on a mission from which he would never return. He turned out to be gay, and Jack convinced him that, in wartime, everyone had to live each day as if it might be their last. The two men danced together, to the bemusement of Captain Jack's men - before Jack and Tosh were transported back to their own time.

Played by: Matt Rippy. Appearances: TW 2.12 Captain Jack Harkness (2007).

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