Monday 2 December 2019

Spyfall, and Trailer 2

Confirmation this afternoon that Series 12 of Doctor Who will indeed begin on New Year's Day, 2020. The Mirror report was right about that, and that the first story would be a two-parter. What it got wrong is that all subsequent episodes are remaining in the Sunday slot - so no move back to Saturday nights.
We've also got a name for the first story - Spyfall. We knew that the opener was going to have a bit of a James Bond vibe, and this title is obviously a pun on Skyfall, the 23rd Bond outing from 2012.
What isn't clear is if this name goes across both parts.
In other news recently we've been told that this isn't the only two-parter. There's at least one other, as two-parters were mentioned in an interview in the plural. The episode count for the series is still 10, so that means there may only be 8 separate stories in all.
Also today, to go along with the broadcast date announcement, was a second trailer. This does include new clips, but doesn't really add much to what we already got a week or so ago. Some of the clips appear in both trailers. An ominous voice-over talks about the Doctor losing all of her lives, and the dialogue about something coming after the Doctor is repeated
Jodie Whitaker will be appearing on the Graham Norton show on Friday (6th December), so we might get our first proper episode clip then - presumably something from the first part of Spyfall.

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