Sunday 20 May 2018

D is for... Dudman, Kathleen

One of the WRENs stationed at a military base on the north east coast of England during World War II. The base was home to the Ultima Machine - a decryption device created by Professor Judson. Kathleen had her baby with her, a girl named Audrey. The base commander, Millington, wanted her to get rid of it but she explained to the Doctor and Ace that she had no-one she could send the child to. Her husband was in the navy. She was offended when Ace implied that she was an unmarried mother. She and Ace became good friends, and Ace doted on the baby - although she disliked the name. It was the same as her hated mother's. Kathleen received a telegram stating that her husband was missing, presumed dead, at sea. When the base came under attack by Haemovores, Ace helped Kathleen and the baby escape - sending her to her grandmother's house in South London. Later, however, Fenric revealed that the baby would grow up to be Ace's mother, and so Kathleen was her real grandmother. By sending them to Streatham, she had created her own future.

Played by: Cory Pulman. Appearances: The Curse of Fenric (1989).

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