Sunday 25 March 2018

D is for... De Flores

A Nazi officer who had fled to South America at the end of the war. The bow belonging to the Nemesis statue came into his possession, and he intended to seize the rest of the statue and use it to establish the Fourth Reich. The statue was made from a living metal named validium, created as a weapon on Gallifrey. It required its bow and arrow to reach critical mass, but the arrow was in the possession of the 17th Century sorceress Lady Peinforte, and the bow had gone missing after being stolen from the Royal Collection at Windsor Castle. De Flores and a group of armed mercenaries arrived in England on the day that the Nemesis statue was due to return to Earth. It had been launched into space by the Doctor in the 17th Century, but in a decaying orbit.
Converging on the landing site were De Flores and his men, as well as Lady Peinforte and a squad of Cybermen, all seeking control over the statue. In the confusion of the Cybermen's arrival, the Doctor stole the bow. De Flores tried to join forces with the Cybermen, but he and his associate Karl were captured and were to be converted into mental slaves. They escaped, but De Flores was later killed by the Cyberleader.

Played by: Anton Diffring. Appearances: Silver Nemesis (1988).

  • Diffring was called upon to play Nazi officers in a number of films and TV series, which was ironic as he had been forced to flee Nazi Germany because of his sexuality, and because his father was Jewish.
  • He claimed not to have any idea what the script was about, and said he only took the part as he would be filming in England whilst Wimbledon was on. He was quite ill at the time, requiring regular oxygen treatments, and he died a few months after the story was broadcast.

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