Saturday, 26 August 2017

C is for... Caven

Maurice Caven was the sadistic leader of a group of space pirates. They were attacking navigation beacons in deep space. These were made of Argonite, a valuable metal. Caven had set up his base on the planet Ta, home to the Issigri Mining Company. He was helped by Madeleine Issigri, who helped to conceal his activities. Caven had her father held prisoner in his old office deep beneath the planet's surface. Madeleine believed her father dead, killed because of his one-time business partner Milo Clancey. The pirates employed Beta Dart spacecraft, which they disguised using Issigri livery. When Clancey arrived on Ta, along with the Doctor and his companions, Caven decided to make him appear to be the person responsible for the beacon attacks. As the forces of the Space Corps closed in, Caven had Clancey and Madeleine's father, Dom, sent into space in a remote controlled ship, set to explode. He also planted a bomb to blow up the mining complex. The Doctor stopped the bomb. When he tried to flee the planet, Caven's ship was blown up by missile fired by Space Corp's Major Warne.

Played by: Dudley Foster. Appearances: The Space Pirates (1969).

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