Sunday 4 December 2016

Class 1.8 - Reviewed

The series finale of Class is now out there - The Lost. Under no circumstances would I recommend you read any further if you haven't seen it yet, as there is one helluva spoiler. If that's you, go away now.
I'll wait a minute or two until the others have gone...

Right then. So we left things with that split two-parter over the last two weeks. The young folks were falling out due to the "Meteorite of Truth", and at the same time Miss Quill was freeing herself from the Arn in her head on a metaphysical quest. She may have gotten rid of the parasite, but she has gained something new - a bun in the oven. Not great tidings, as Quill mothers die in childbirth and get eaten by their sprogs. No doubt this will be resolved by the fact that the father is a shape-shifter rather than another Quill.
Tonight's episode began with some shocking moments. Ram's dad is butchered by Corakinus in front of him, the Shadowkin King appearing out of nowhere on the playing field. Shortly afterwards, Tanya's mum cops it as well.
It all looks like events are building which are going to push Charlie into opening that damned Cabinet of Souls. Corakinus announces that Matteusz is on his hit list. Destroying the Shadowkin will also mean the death of April, and Corakinus ups the ante by infecting Charlie with Shadow - so he'll die too.
It really looks like there will be vacancies in the cast for series 2, which I sincerely hope is in the pipeline. Earlier, I predicted Matteusz's death, as he is the only one not to have any family on view, and he's just a bit too nice. He has some lovely moments with Charlie here, which made me think that this is all too good to last. Surprisingly, he made it to the end. April appeared to die, and it looked like Charlie would follow, as he finally opened the Cabinet.

That's because the Shadowkin invaded in force, latching onto everyone's shadows. Charlie makes the ultimate sacrifice - knowing that he will die, April will die, Matteusz doesn't want him to be a mass killer, and once the souls are out of the box there's no way of bringing his people back.
Quill saves him at the last minute. His fate is to live with the guilt of what he has just done. April hasn't made it, however. Or has she?
Whilst everyone is squaring up in the Coal Hill assembly hall, head teacher Dorothea has been talking to the mysterious Governors. They're led by Cyril Nri, who was the weird shopkeeper in the Sarah Jane Adventures. Definitely not the same character.
The Governors are planning for an event known only as "The Arrival". They're not happy that the Cabinet has been opened, so Dorothea pays with her life - and here's the big spoilery moment for those of you who ignored that warning at the start.
She has her neck broken by a Weeping Angel.
Yes, we all thought that the Doctor would set up this series, then that would be it for its connection to the parent programme. There might have been a one-off guest appearance by a Who monster in a stand-alone episode, but it's the Angels who are going to be the Big Bad - at least for the second series.
But that wasn't the final surprise. April's dead, but suddenly Corakinus sits up, and he is now April...
An excellent way to end what has, for the most part, been a very good series. Yes, the youngsters have grated a bit at times, and I don't buy that Tanya can beat up Shadowkin after 5 minutes of basic karate training with Quill.
Lots to be resolved with the second series. April now in Corakinus. The Weeping Angels and Governors. Quill's baby. Will Matteusz still love Charlie? How will Ram cope with his girlfriend looking like the creature that murdered his father? What will Quill do, now that her enemies have been destroyed, and she's no longer tied to Charlie?
Roll on that second series.
So that's all the new Who for 2016 - until 25th December. Lots of new photos released today for The Return of Doctor Mysterio, which can be viewed as a gallery on the official website.

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