Tuesday 10 November 2015

TARDIS Travels No.35(b)

The second half of Peter Capaldi's first season, plus his first Christmas Special. Last time, the Doctor had taken Courtney into space in order to dump the Skovox Blitzer. Unseen, he will have returned her to Coal Hill.

Journey 764: Location and date unknown, to London, 2014.
The TARDIS returns to Coal Hill School in Shoreditch, where Clara has a problem. The Doctor has upset Courtney Woods, and he needs to do something to help her low self-esteem.

Journey 765: London, 2014, to space shuttle in Moon orbit, 2049.
The TARDIS is supposed to be landing on the Moon itself, but materialises instead on a shuttle which is about to land on the satellite. Later, the Doctor will send Courtney back to the ship. It falls down a crevasse which opens as the "Moonchild" starts to hatch.

Journey 766: Space shuttle to Moonbase, 2049.
The Doctor instructs Courtney in putting a control disc into the console, and the ship travels automatically to the base.

Journey 767: Moonbase to Moonbase, 2049.
Leaving the humans to resolve the problem with the hatching creature, the Doctor departs - returning some time later.

Journey 768: Moon to Earth, 2049.
The Doctor takes Clara, Courtney and Lundvik back to Earth where they witness the hatching - and the creation of a new Moon. The specific location is unknown, but is somewhere in the Americas, as the Doctor implies that Lundvik can walk to Cape Canaveral. All previous trips to the Moon now have to be redefined as Old Moon or New Moon. Or Old Egg and New Egg.

Journey 769: Earth, 2049, to London, 2014.
The Doctor takes Clara and Courtney back to the school. Clara is furious with the Doctor for abandoning them earlier. Could their travels be at an end? Clue - No, they aren't.

Journey 770: London, 2014, to Orient Express (in space), date unknown.
Unseen, the TARDIS will have left the school and returned to London sometime later. Despite their big falling-out last time, Clara has accepted one last trip. They arrive in the baggage car of the space-going replica of the Orient Express. The computer GUS puts a force-field around the ship. GUS has been trying to get the Doctor here for some time - having earlier almost tempted the Eleventh Doctor, Amy and Rory.

Journey 771: Orient Express to unknown planet, date unknown.
The Doctor rescues the survivors on the train before it blows up, and deposits them on an unspecified planet. Looks a bit like New New Earth, actually.

Journey 772: London, 2014, to Bristol, 2014.
Unseen, the Doctor will have taken Clara back home, then picked her up to take her to a meeting in the park with Danny Pink. Instead of arriving where he is, the ship ends up in Bristol - in somewhat reduced circumstances.
The TARDIS continues to shrink, with the Doctor trapped inside. Clara carries it around with her, but drops it when she is hiding from the Boneless in the train tunnels. The ship adopts "siege-mode" - appearing as a silver cube covered in Gallifreyan symbols. Clara tricks the Boneless into reconstituting the ship.

Journey 773: Bristol - tunnel to railway sidings, 2014.
The Doctor takes the ship back to its original landing site, its external dimensions now fully restored.

Journeys 774 & 775: Bristol to London, 2014, to London, 2014.
The Doctor takes Clara back home, then travels to Trafalgar Square. Overnight, the planet has become densely forested.

Journey 776: London to Earth orbit, 2014.
The Doctor takes Clara into space where they see the forest protect the planet from the solar flares.
Unseen, he will have taken her back home afterwards.

Journey 777: London, 2014, to unknown planet, date unknown.
Danny has been killed in a road traffic accident. Clara finally gets hold of the Doctor by phone. He is on a strange rocky planetoid.

Journeys 778 & 779: Unknown planet, date unknown, to Shoreditch, 2014, to the City of London, 2014.
The Doctor travels to Earth to pick up Clara. We see it visit a volcanic planet, but this proves to be all in Clara's mind. The gooey telepathic circuits come into play once more, as they direct the ship to where dead Danny might be found. This proves to be the 3W Foundation. This funerary complex turns out to be in a dimensional pocket within St Paul's Cathedral. This is all the work of the Master - now the Mistress. UNIT have the TARDIS transferred to Boat One, their presidential aircraft. When Missy escapes and the Cybermen attack, the TARDIS is sucked out of the hold. The Doctor is pulled out after it, but manages to freefall to the tumbling ship and get inside.

Journey 780: England, 2014 - mid-air to cemetery, location unknown.
The TARDIS materialises in the graveyard where Clara has been taken by Cyber-Danny.

Journeys 781 - 783: England, 2014, to Binary Co-ordinates 10-0-11-00 by 02, to London, 2014.
The Doctor goes looking for Gallifrey - at the co-ordinates given by Missy - but finds she has lied. He then travels to London to meet - and say farewell to - Clara. Those co-ordinates are where Gallifrey was before it was hidden in a pocket universe - first mentioned back in Pyramids of Mars.

Journey 784: London, 2014, to unknown planet, date unknown.
If you think I'm going to cover all that to-ing and fro-ing last Christmas, then dream on... No landings on a rooftop with Santa and his elves, or bases at the North Pole. All dreams. Never happened.
The Doctor wakes up on an unspecified planet, where he had been attacked by a Dream Crab.

Journey 785: Unknown planet, date unknown, to London, Christmas 2014.
Alerted to the danger to Clara from the Dream Crabs, the Doctor goes to rescue her. The tangerine on the windowsill, plus the fact that this is not the 60's block of flats where she is supposed to live, might suggest that this is also all just a dream...

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