Saturday 20 June 2015

Series 9 Update

Thought it might be time for a brief update on the forthcoming series.
Photos emerged last week that revealed the return of Joivan Wade, who played graffiti artist and community service worker Rigsy in Flatline last season. He will be appearing in Episode 10, which has a female writer - Sarah Dollard. There has been a lot of criticism about Steven Moffat favouring only male writers during his tenure as lead writer, even inviting back writers whose work quite frankly bombed with fans, so obviously nice to see that this is finally being addressed.
Note the Doctor's new dark red coat - again linking his image with the Pertwee years.
Talking of which - did you see the Instagram picture Sean Pertwee released of himself looking like his dad? This came after his Halloween 2014 pics of himself in a Third Doctor wig and costume. Is he trying to hint something? Might he be suggesting that it is time we had a The Two Doctors style story where the Third and Twelfth meet up? Gotham is obviously keeping him very busy these days, but it would be lovely if Sean could soon play Jon.
Lastly, video emerged that shows that Maisie Williams will be playing a Highway Woman - which seems to suggest her story The Girl Who Died / The Woman Who Lived is set in at least three different time zones.
And yes, Moffat let slip that the series would start in September - then quickly recanted. The UK Bank Holiday weekend at the end of August is the most obvious start date, but the later the better as far as darker evenings go, I think. And will the next series continue to be shown in a later time slot? Something which concerns me as, without the children watching, the series withers.
Since I last looked at Series 9, wikileaks provided information about discussions concerning a movie. The BBC said no - at that time. Moffat is now committed to a 10th series.
Could the plan be to rest the TV series after 10, and then do a movie? Peter Jackson has already said he would be up for it...

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