Thursday 18 December 2014


Dear, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear... There has been a bit of a dearth of comments recently for this wee old blog of mine. Have you pudding brains nothing to say? Whenever I log on, I get to see all sorts of interesting statistics - such as which country is viewing the most (Hello USA!) and even which browser you are using (Firefox has overtaken Google). Some of you are actually Google+-ing my posts. I have no idea what this means but assume it is something nice.
Anywhos, next time you do choose to Google+, why not say why? Maybe there's something you totally disagree with, or have an alternative take on. Maybe there's something I've missed (Pah! A likely story...).
A very good friend of mine, the other day, in the pub, tried to push me towards Facebook. (He's just joined it - Mr Marcel Van Limbeek, sound engineer, Tori Amos and others. Did you know I once helped Tori Amos move house? True story).
I've always intended to make my fortune from developing an anti-social network, where people can go who want to be left alone and can ignore the rest of the cosmos - though by its very nature it would be a bit hard to market... Would being on Facebook make a difference? You tell me.
In the meantime, comments always welcome.

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