Monday 17 November 2014

Veni, Vidi...

After all the excitement of Series 8, I need a little holiday, so I'm off to the location hinted at above for the next few days (and no, it isn't a studio in Hammersmith. That would be a rubbish holiday).
When I get back I will be resuming my look at the stories that made up the Classic Series, beginning where I left off with the one that didn't quite make it - Shada.
I will also finally get round to posting on this month's Figurine Collection items.
A couple of days after I get back from the Eternal City, I am off again - this time back to Cardiff and a visit to the 12th Doctor version of the Doctor Who Experience. which reopened on the 24th of October. After a brief suspension, the TARDIS studio tours are back on and so I will be setting foot aboard the ship for the third time - full report to follow.
Meanwhile, I assume you have all seen the Children In Need clip by now (hope you donated as well). Bit of a shame that Clara is back so soon after that wonderful farewell at the end of Death In Heaven. Rather spoils it for me. Nice to see that Dan Starkey finally gets his face shown after being buried in latex for the last few years.
See you next week. Ciao.

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