Thursday 3 July 2014

The Invasion - Revisited?

Have been poring over those photos on Walesonline and noticed a detail in the image above. That head on the ground is clearly from an older model of Cyberman. When coupled with the fact that this little bit of Cardiff is supposed to be imitating the area around St Paul's Cathedral in London leads us, naturally, to some sort of connection with the 1968 Troughton tale The Invasion.
Of course, it isn't anything new for a Cyber-story to revisit previous adventures. (Attack of the Cybermen manages to reference just about all of them - very badly).
There is some speculation that this is the season finale. It is certainly the final recording block - according to the last issue of DWM. From what I can gather, however, there are only nine clear cut stories prior to this. We don't know how many two-parters there are - so trying to work out the real episode count for Series 8 is still a problem. The only thing confirmed so far is that Deep Breath - to be broadcast on 23rd August - is a single, albeit "feature length", episode.

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