Monday 16 June 2014

Dr Who Figurines - June 2014

Two new figurines arrived today - a Heavenly Host and the 2013 version of the Zygon. Regarding the latter, whilst it is faithful to the original 1975 design, I just don't like it quite so much. This might be partly due to their total underuse in Day of the Doctor. Maybe once we have seen them in a full story in their own right I may change my opinion.
Voyage of the Damned's Host is frankly a bit dull. A one-hit wonder "monster" if ever there was one. I really do think they could have come up with more interesting creatures from 50 years' worth of adventures.
If there is one good thing about this figure, it is that you can use it as a Christmas decoration every year from now on.
Next confirmed release is the War Doctor. I suspect he'll be accompanied by the Morbius Monster. We're also due another special edition soon.

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