Sunday 14 July 2013

That Was The Week That Was 14.7.13

Big event of the week has obviously been the Doctor Who Proms at the Royal Albert Hall. Last night's was broadcast on BBC Radio 3 - see my review. The second event was held this morning. I am assuming they were identical.
Wonderful that the Classic Series was recognised, and not just a Murray Gold Greatest Hits package.
Talking of Mr Gold, if you have been looking for the Series 7 soundtrack, it is expected later in the year. Previous soundtracks have been released simultaneously with the series DVD box set - of which we have heard nothing so far. I assume it will hit the shops in time for Christmas - meaning the first half of the series will have waited more than a year to be released (for those who don't like the Volume 1 & 2 purchases and prefer to wait for the box set that's a very long wait).

No news on the new Doctor yet, despite a dubious rumour that they would be revealed at the Prom. Apparently Moffat has clarified his position a little by saying that he will supervise the new Doctor's first year at least - possibly Series 9 as well. He pretty much confirmed we will have to wait until Autumn 2014 for Series 8. Just so long as they don't split it again. Half a series per year is unacceptable. Splitting the series last year was a big mistake in my view as momentum was broken, and having episodes shown in Spring once again meant poor overnight audience figures.

Some images have been posted from the French Comic Con, taken from An Adventure In Space And Time - with Hartnell & Foreman from the Pilot episode, and Waris and Verity.

Someone in Yorkshire has created a huge maze featuring a Dalek and images of the First and Eleventh Doctors. The Sixth helped to publicise it, along with a couple of his oldest foes.

The first volume of Troughton telesnaps was released by DWM on Thursday. I already had these from their earlier Classic Comics / DWM releases - but those were of sometimes poor quality.
Tomorrow sees the release of the Spearhead From Space Blu-ray. For people who want to see Nicholas Courtney's moustache glue, obviously. There are a couple of special extras - retrospectives on the lives and careers of Jon Pertwee and Caroline John. Hopefully these will get another release on Special Editions, for those of us still living in an SD world.

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