Monday, 26 November 2012

Dating UNIT

The cast get their first glimpse of the dinosaur models for this story. Pertwee calls his agent...
These days, this blog has settled down into a pattern of covering new Doctor Who as it comes along, and going back to review the classic series whilst we are waiting. The classic posts tend to generate tangential posts - looking at the history of the Moon after The Moonbase or Mars after The Ice Warriors, Dalek and Cyber continuity after their initial appearances, mad computers after The War Machines, and so forth.
(My post on the Doctor's hats generated more interest than the review of The Power of the Daleks that prompted it. You are a weird lot...).
Before I settled on this pattern, I was going to dip in and out of things in more random fashion. As such, I have already posted my views on the UNIT dating controversy, which kicks off with the dates implied by The Web of Fear. The original post you may have already come upon - called "Continuity Conundrums No.1" back in May. If you haven't seen it yet, here is a link. I'm going to rename the post "UNIT Dating Controversy" - as I never did get round to covering Conundrum No.2...

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