Sunday, 4 February 2018

D is for... Dalek Sec

The designated leader of the Cult of Skaro - the quartet of Daleks charged by the Emperor with finding new ways of winning the Time War. Sec was distinguishable from the others by having a black casing. Rather than simply look at ways of killing and waging war, Sec led the Cult to consider other means by which their race could survive. They took a captured Time Lord prison capsule and left the Time War in a Void Ship, hiding in the space between universes. This ship found its way to Earth after passing through a breach in the Void. It was captured by the Torchwood organisation, who failed to analyse it. When the Cybermen followed the ship through the breach, the Daleks decided to emerge. Sec needed information about where they were, and so had this drained from the mind of Torchwood's Dr Singh's. Sec discovered that he had, by chance, captured two humans who had travelled in space and time. Only a time-traveller could activate the prison capsule and release the thousands of Daleks held within. Sec also refused any form of alliance with the Cybermen, believing a single Dalek could overcome any threat. When the Doctor opened up the breach, causing anything soaked in the Void's background radiation to be sucked back into it, Sec ordered the Cult to perform an emergency temporal shift - escaping into Earth's history.

The Cult found themselves in New York in the year 1930. They established a base in the sewers beneath the city and infiltrated the construction of the Empire State Building. Attempts to create new Dalek mutants failed, so Sec had to find a new way for the Daleks to survive as a race and multiply. He devised a scheme to turn human beings into mental Daleks. Captured humans would have their minds wiped and have their DNA fused with that of the Daleks during a gamma radiation bombardment. The new skyscraper was designed to channel this radiation down to their genetics laboratory. Sec then embarked on the ultimate experiment, with himself as the test subject. He would combine his DNA directly with that of a human - their ruthless agent Mr Diagoras, who had been helping them complete the building on schedule.

Sec eventually emerged from his casing as a Dalek-Human hybrid. He wanted the Daleks to learn from human achievements, especially in waging war and their capacity for survival. The other Cult members were alarmed at this turn of events. Whilst they were sworn to obey their leader, they valued their genetic purity more highly. Sec was no longer fully Dalek, so they no longer needed to follow him. Sec found himself horrified by the sight of the human leader Solomon being exterminated after making a speech which contained many of his own new sentiments. When Sec seemed to be co-operating with the Doctor, with plans to take the Daleks off to start a new life elsewhere, the Cult rebelled. Sec's scheme was taken over, and he was chained up. Cult members Jast and Thay took him with them when they confronted the Doctor and his friends at a nearby theatre. Sec attempted to get through to his one-time colleagues for a final time, before sacrificing himself to save the Doctor, throwing himself in front of the Daleks' weapons as they were about to exterminate him. The Doctor used Sec's death to turn the Human-Dalek army against the Cult.

Played by: Eric Loren (Human-Dalek Hybrid Sec). Appearances: Army of Ghosts / Doomsday (2006), Daleks in Manhattan / Evolution of the Daleks (2007).

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