Sunday, 4 February 2018

D is for... Dalek Prime Minister

An armourless Dalek, housed in a transparent unit aboard a vast saucer, the Prime Minster presided over the Dalek Parliament. It is not known if this was a permanent arrangement, or if it could be moved to other locations. The Prime Minister ordered the abduction of the Doctor and his companions Amy and Rory so that they might break into the Dalek asylum planet and deactivate its force-field. It explained to the Doctor that the war-damaged Daleks held on the planet were not to be killed (as such insanity was deemed beautiful), but now there was a risk they might escape and pose a danger to the rest of their kind. Once the force-field had been dropped, the Prime Minister ordered the planet obliterated with missiles. However, the Dalek that had once been Oswin Oswald had deleted all knowledge of the Doctor from the Daleks' data-banks - so the Prime Minister no longer knew who he was when he returned to pick up the TARDIS.

Appearances: Asylum of the Daleks (2012).

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