Sunday, 4 February 2018

D is for... Dalek Saucer Commander

An officer class of Dalek in charge of their spaceships during the invasion of Earth in the mid 22nd Century. It was distinguishable by having a black dome, with alternating black and silver skirt panels. The Saucer Commander was seen at their landing site at Chelsea Heliport, where it oversaw the arrival of prisoners, and presided over the Robotising process aboard the vessel. Later, the Dalek Supreme took personal command of its own saucer.

Appearances: The Dalek Invasion of Earth (1964).
  • This Dalek only appears in the second episode of this story, plus its recap at the start of the third episode, when it is suddenly replaced by the all-black Supreme. Basically, the Saucer Commander was invented to explain why this prop goes from being half painted to fully finished in what is supposed to be the same scene - the attack by the rebels on the saucer. It appears that the painting of the prop was not completed in time for recording, and it should have been fully black from the outset.

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