Wednesday, 23 November 2016

A is for... Auntie

One of the bizarre characters encountered by the Doctor, Amy and Rory when the Doctor took the TARDIS into a bubble universe in search of another Time Lord - the Corsair.
She, Uncle, Nephew and Idris were the sole inhabitants of a planet littered with space debris. She and Uncle called this world "House", and revealed that it was a hollow planet inhabited by an alien intelligence.
The Doctor learned that there were many Time Lords here, but it turned out that they were all dead - their final cries for help saved in message cubes. House had lured them here as it fed on TARDISes.
Auntie and Uncle were spare-part people, repaired over the years with pieces of the dead Time Lords. Auntie had the Corsair's arm, for instance, as the Doctor recognised a tattoo.
House stole the TARDIS, to travel into this universe in search of more TARDISes. Their usefulness at an end, Auntie and Uncle both died once House had departed.

Played by: Elizabeth Berrington. Appearances: The Doctor's Wife (2011).

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