Wednesday, 9 November 2016

A is for... Ashton (2)

Dev Ashton was an engineer on the SS Pentallian. This vessel used an illegal sun-scoop to harvest material from a star in the Torajii System. This proved to be a sentient sun. It infected Korwin, husband of the ship's captain Kath McDonnell. Korwin then infected Ashton, and together they began killing the rest of the crew. Only freezing could kill or slow down the infected men. Ashton chased Martha Jones and crew member Riley Vashtee into an escape pod. He activated it to send them spiraling into the sun, but they were rescued by the Doctor. Ashton was killed when he was subjected to freezing after being forced into the ship's stasis chamber, part of the medical bay.

Played by Gary Powell. Appearances: 42 (2007).

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