Saturday, 11 June 2016

A is for... Amyand

Leader of a faction on the planet Sarn who did not follow the superstitious ways of the elderly ruling council. He was constantly at loggerheads with Timanov, the spiritual guide for the young leader Malkon. Timanov was a firm believer in the god Logar, who dwelt in a nearby volcanic mountain. Amyand believed in science and reason, and so found an ally in the Doctor and Turlough when they arrived on the planet. Amyand and the Doctor were almost sacrificed to Logar, but Turlough was able to save them. He recognised the technology on Sarn as having come from his homeworld of Trion. When Sarn was threatened with destruction, resulting from the Master's attempts to heal his shrunken body, Turlough called upon his people to come and help. Amyand put on a silver heat resistant suit, to show the people that the image of Logar had originated from sightings of ancient Trion visitors to the volcano. Only Timanov failed to heed his call to evacuate the planet and be relocated to Trion.

Played by: James Bate. Appearances: Planet of Fire (1984).

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