Saturday, 11 June 2016

A is for... Ambrose

Wife of Mo Northover, who worked alongside her father, Tony Mack, at the drilling project in Cwmtaff, Wales, in 2020. She helped to deliver Meals on Wheels in the local area. She contacted the police when it was discovered that a body had gone missing from its grave in the village churchyard. She and her son Elliot mistook Rory Williams for a policeman when he, Amy and the Doctor arrived in Cwmtaff by accident. Unbeknownst to Tony and his team, the drilling had awoken a Silurian community in a shelter deep below the village. Feeling threatened by it, Silurian soldiers abducted Mo and then placed a forcefield around the village. Elliot was also abducted, and Tony was infected by Silurian venom. Ambrose helped the Doctor capture one of the Silurians - Alaya. With all three of her family under threat, Ambrose snapped. She used a taser to try to get Alaya to talk, but this killed her. The Doctor had just negotiated a peaceful settlement that required the safe return of Alaya. Her sister, Restac, was leader of the Silurian armed forces. Ambrose's rash actions almost triggered a war. The Doctor finally managed to avert this, but at the cost of Rory's life.

Played by: Nia Roberts. Appearances: The Hungry Earth / Cold Blood (2010).

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