Wednesday, 1 June 2016

A is for... Alzarians

The humanoid Terradonians who inhabited the crashed Starliner and its environs on the planet Alzarius believed they didn't belong there - and all their efforts went into readying the craft to take them back home again. As the Doctor investigated the complex evolutionary processes of the planet, he learned that they were already home. The original Terradon crew and passengers had been wiped out many generations ago. During the time known as "Mistfall", savage reptilian bipeds emerged from the swamps on the planet. Also indigenous were large spider-like creatures, whose venom could kill, or - in Romana's case - transform. The Doctor discovered that the Marsh creatures, the spiders and the Starliner people all had the same DNA. Despite this, the Starliner people decided to travel out into space in search of Terradon anyway - even though they had never come from there.
The society was led by three Deciders. All the people worked for the good of the community - harvesting food like the marsh fruits (which harboured the spiders), or conducting constant repairs to the spacecraft. One group of rebellious youths were the Outlers, led by Varsh. His little brother, Adric, would stow away on board the TARDIS and become the Doctor's companion for a time.

Appearances: Full Circle (1980).

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