Saturday, 12 September 2015

The Magician's Apprentice - Prologue

One week to go until the start of Series 9 and the prologue to the first episode appeared yesterday. Note "prologue" - not "prequel".
The Doctor has returned to the planet Karn (Brain of Morbius & Night of the Doctor), and he meets Ohila of the Sisterhood once more - played again by Claire Higgins.
The 1.5 minute piece comprises a conversation between the Doctor and Ohila - which naturally gives nothing away.
There is mention of a creature who has always been an enemy of the Doctor - which makes you think of the Master / Missy. However, this creature is referred to as a "he" twice - so looks like it might be the cowled figure who is hunting for the Doctor in the first episode proper. His name is Sarff, apparently. The Doctor gives Ohila a circular disc - stating she will know who to give it to. This could be either Clara or Missy.
No sign of Clara - obviously back at Coal Hill School whilst this is going on.

There is a prequel to the first episode. It's called "The Doctor's Meditation". BBC America plan to show it on Friday 18th. No word of when it will be available to UK fans. If we are going to have to wait until the DVD box set to see it, then you can safely slap a label marked "inconsequential" onto it.

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