Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Moffat's Series 9 Episode Guide

A few interesting nuggets of information about the new series in today's Radio Times. Coming from Steven Moffat himself, these should be non-spoilery.
Here are the things that seem to be most significant.

The Magician's Apprentice:
Reference to a "confession dial" which contains the Doctor's last will and testament. (I am going to assume that this was the disc we saw him leave with Ohila in the Prologue). The sky above Earth is frozen - that's frozen in time rather than brrrrrr. Those hands with eyes in their palms are some sort of landmine.
Everyone's looking for the Doctor - including the Daleks and Missy, and Colony Sarff (the bloke who looks like he's got elastic bands round his face). Clara has to join forces with Missy. There is also mention of the return of the Shadow Architect in the episode's cast list. Kate Stewart is also in it.
From the new photos released, the Doctor plays guitar during some kind of medieval gladiatorial contest.
The Witch's Familiar:
Stuff about the Doctor being trapped without the TARDIS or his sonic amongst what sounds like the Daleks.
"... his best friends murdered in front of his eyes".
The questions - what is the Doctor's confession? Why did he leave Gallifrey? (I'm sure they'll find some way not to answer the latter).
Under The Lake:
A "gleaming black spaceship" being found at the bottom of the lake where a base is built. The dead returning as ghosts.
Before The Flood:
A town that never was. A battle where the Doctor and Clara already know who is going to lose. A menace called the Fisher King. Beethoven's Fifth - who really wrote it is significant. (Sounds like eps 3 & 4 might be linked rather than a two-parter - as with 5 & 6).
The Girl Who Died:
Village where all the warriors have been killed. A girl named Ashildr (Maisie Williams' character? I've googled it and it is an Old Norse name deriving from ass - god and hildr - battle). Doctor has 12 hours to turn the villagers into a fighting force to defend against Odin and mercenaries called The Mire. The Doctor remembering where he saw his face before (i.e Caecilius). That dragon from the trailer.
The Woman Who Lived:
England 1651 - Highwayman called "The Nightmare" - presumably Maisie again. The lion-faced flame-breathing character is her companion. Doctor tracking down an alien artefact and facing consequences of his actions.
The Zygon Invasion / Inversion:
UNIT have helped 20 million Zygons to live disguised on Earth. This peaceful coexistence breaks down. Osgood calls in the Doctor - even though she's dead. (Well, we can all guess the answer to that mystery). In the second half we have reference to a box in UNIT's Black Archive. Zygons taking over UNIT HQ.
Sleep No More:
Found footage from a space rescue mission. Your sanity at risk if you watch it.
Face The Raven:
Pockets of space / time - hidden streets in London. Doctor, Clara and Rigsy from Flatline enter one and not everyone will get out alive. One of them will have to face the raven... (This sounds like a potential Weeping Angels scenario).
Heaven Sent:
A world unlike any the Doctor has ever seen before. The greatest threat he has ever encountered - which he must face alone.
Hell Bent:
I'll quote the finale piece in full. There is a bit of dialogue:
"Is it a sad song?"
"Nothing's sad until it's over. Then everything is".
"What's it called?".
"I think it's called Clara".
"Tell me about her".
If you took everything from him, and betrayed him, and trapped him, and broke both his hearts... how far might the Doctor go? It is time, at last, for the Doctor's confession.

No specific mention of the Sandmen in any of the synopses. No obvious Cyberman storyline either. They may only be getting a cameo this series.

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