Saturday, 12 September 2015

September's Figurines

Just the two regular figurines this month - the Foretold from last series' Mummy on the Orient Express, and the black / gold Dalek Supreme from Planet of the Daleks.
The Foretold was recently voted favourite monster from the 2014 series, in the DWM annual review. Very well modeled. Most interesting thing is the detail on the back, which we didn't really get to see onscreen. We see the exposed, broken spine.
The Dalek marks a rare release from a Pertwee story. Despite the plethora of classic monsters introduced between 1970 - 74, we have only had the Sea Devil and the Draconian, as well as the Third Doctor himself. The release of the Supreme means that there will actually be two movie Daleks in the final collection - as there is another one due amongst the subscriber-only Daleks.
Saying that, we've only had Cybermen from the Troughton period, and Daleks from Hartnell's time.
Talking of which, the next confirmed release will be the First Doctor himself.


  1. Eaglemoss are def improving the figurines, I'm really pleased with this months' releases.

  2. The Hartnell figure certainly looks good, though the stick is a bit big. Had a look at their Facebook page. They used to publish preview pics of forthcoming figurines, but seem not to be doing it so much nowadays.