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TARDIS Travels No.34(b)

The last half season for Matt Smith, and the arrival of Clara. But first, there is another Christmas Special. As there is a lot of TARDIS travelling in the Anniversary story and 2013 Christmas Special, Smith's final journeys will have to wait for part (c).
Journey 663: Central Park, New York, 2012, to London, December 1892.
The Doctor has retired to Victorian London, the TARDIS parked on a cloud above one of the parks. It can be accessed by a ladder, which leads up to a spiral iron staircase. The Doctor is able to move the cloud to hover above the Latimer home.

Journey 664: London, 1892 - cloud to garden of Latimer home.
After Clara and the Ice Governess fall from the cloud, the Doctor materialises the ship around Clara's body.

Journey 665: London, 1892 - Latimer home - garden to study.
The Doctor takes the dying Clara into the house.

Journeys 666 & 667: London, 1892 - Latimer home to the Simeon Institute to Latimer home
The Doctor and Madam Vastra travel to the Institute to confront Simeon - and the Great Intelligence. Once they have been defeated, the TARDIS returns to Latimer's study. Jenna Coleman expires for the second time in the series.

Journey 668: London, 1892, to Cumbria, 1207.
After looking for Clara in a number of locations and times (including a playground near her home when she was a child - so presumably Blackpool - as seen in the episode's prequel), the Doctor hides himself away in a 13th Century monastery. Clara calls the TARDIS phone. We'll learn later that this is the work of the Missy / Master, to bring the two together. At the time of broadcast, most of us assumed it was River Song who was the woman in the computer shop.

Journey 669: Cumbria, 1207, to London, 2013.
The TARDIS materialises outside the house where Clara works as a child-minder. According to DWM, the address is specifically 30 Oak Street, Chiswick. The TARDIS will visit this address every Wednesday for the next few weeks. Somewhat irresponsible of the Doctor, considering that there is a woman living in this area whose head will explode if she remembers him. (Okay, so Donna might have moved away when she won the lottery - but this is by no means guaranteed. She may not have wanted to leave her friends, and may have simply moved to a bigger house in the district).

Journey 670: London 2013 - Chiswick to aircraft.
The TARDIS travels to a 747 to prevent it from crashing into Chiswick.

Journey 671: London, 2013 - aircraft to the South Bank.
The TARDIS has traveled in time as well as space - as it is suddenly day time. The first time we see that the Doctor has a classic motorbike in the ship.

Journey 672: London, 2013 - South Bank to Chiswick.
The ship returns to Oak Street.

Journeys 673 - 676: Chiswick, 2013 to Chiswick, 2013.
The Doctor starts to plot Clara's life, in order to find out what makes her so "impossible". We see him observe the first meeting of her parents, her kicking a football about, and then attending her mother's grave - before returning to Oak Street yet again in order to take her on another journey.

Journey 677: Chiswick, 2013, to Tiaanamat, date unknown.
Clara's first trip to an alien world sees her arrive in the market, which is part of the Rings of Akhaten. For the first time, the TARDIS demonstrates some sort of grudge against Clara - refusing to open its doors when she tries to shelter Merry, the Queen of Years.

Journeys 678 & 679: Tiaanamat, date unknown, to Chiswick 2013, then return to Chiswick, 2013.
The Doctor takes Clara home, then returns the following Wednesday for their next journey.

Journey 680: Chiswick, 2013, to Soviet Submarine, Arctic Sea, 1983.
The sub is called the Firebird, and it is close to the North Pole. The Doctor was supposed to be taking Clara to Vegas.

Journeys 681 & 682: North Pole, 1983, to South Pole, 1983, then to Chiswick, 2013.
The Hostile Action Displacement System activates when it looks as if the submarine is going to be destroyed. It relocates at the opposite end of the Earth. The story ends with the Doctor asking for a lift, but it is highly unlikely that the Firebird will have taken them south. The captain of a nuclear sub on an exercise in the middle of the Cold War would not have been able to wander off to the other Pole, and the sub has just suffered a considerable amount of damage (and loss of personnel). It would have limped into base, and the Doctor and Clara would probably have been put on a 'plane to make their journey.
Unseen, the Doctor will have then taken Clara back to Chiswick.

Journey 683: Chiswick, 2013, to Caliburn House, Yorkshire, 1974.
It is November 25th, to be specific. A rare instance of the Doctor arriving in England during the period when his earlier self was working for UNIT. Strange that the Third Doctor hadn't already become interested in this mystery, or Torchwood for that matter.

Journey 684: Caliburn House, 1974, to same location, millions of years ago.
To confirm a theory he has formulated, the Doctor takes the ship back to Earth's earliest days, and takes a photo.

Journey 685: Caliburn House location - millions of years in the past, to millions of years in the future.
The Doctor takes another snap.

Journey 686: Caliburn House location - far future to 1974.
Having gathered his evidence, the Doctor brings the ship back to the night of 25th November, 1974.

Journey 687: Caliburn House, 1974, to pocket universe, date unknown.
After the Doctor has gone to the pocket universe, Clara once again finds the TARDIS unwilling to co-operate with her. It uses an image of herself as an interface. She eventually persuades the reluctant ship to go and rescue the Doctor. He has to leap onto it as it hurtles past.

Journeys 688 & 689: Pocket universe, date unknown, to Caliburn House, 1974.
The TARDIS brings the Doctor and Clara back to the House, landing inside the building this time. When next seen, the following morning, the ship is back outside again.

Journeys 690 - 694: Caliburn House, 1974, to pocket universe, date unknown.
The TARDIS returns to the pocket universe in order to rescue the Crooked Man, so he can be reunited with his partner. Unseen, the Doctor will have relocated these creatures on some other world, as well as taken Hila Tacorian back to her own time - and returned Clara to Chiswick.

Journey 695: Chiswick, 2013, to unspecified region of space, date unknown.
The TARDIS is travelling through space, and the Doctor has allowed Clara to operate the controls by way of the pair of them getting on friendlier terms. It is in Basic Mode, which leaves the defences at a minimum.
At this point we should mention the mini-episode Clara and the TARDIS. In this we learn that the ship keeps hiding Clara's bedroom. The televised stories have all taken place over quite short time scales, with the Doctor making weekly visits to Chiswick. This suggests that there have a been a lot of other unseen journeys that have taken more than a day. We see about 20 Claras, from different nights.
This story sees the TARDIS disabled by a salvage device and brought aboard the vessel operated by the Van Baalen brothers.
Lots of TARDIS related stuff here. We see lots of corridors, as well as the library, an observatory, the engine rooms, the architectural configuration chamber, and the Eye of Harmony.
The library is a multi-leveled room. Some books are in liquid form, and are audible. There is a copy of A History of the Time War which reveals the Doctor's name. The Doctor has the telescope (really a light chamber) from Torchwood House, or a copy thereof. The architectural configuration system appears to be a large tree-like structure with glowing detachable pods. Tampering with these activates the ship's defences. It starts to move walls and doors around.
First mention since The Movie that TARDISes have an Eye of Harmony within them. The engines are housed in a large white void. The TARDIS can generate holographic images of various environments. The damage to the ship results in the appearance of "time zombies" - the Van Baalens and Clara from a potential future where they have been mutated by exposure to the Eye.
Time gets reset, so the adventure never takes place as we have seen it.
Journey 696 sees the Doctor take Clara back to Chiswick.

Journey 697: Chiswick, 2013, to Sweetville, Yorkshire, 1983.
The TARDIS travels oop north, where it's a bit grim.

Journey 698: Sweetville, 1893, to Chiswick, 2013.
Clara is taken back to Oak Street, where she is horrified to find that her journeys through history have left a trace on the internet - and young Artie and Angie have found her out.

Journey 699 - 701: Chiswick 2013, to same a week later - then on to Hedgewick's World, date unknown, then back to Chiswick 2013.
No doubt as a response to blackmail, Clara has the Doctor take Artie and Angie on a trip. They arrive on the now abandoned leisure complex on Hedgewick's World. Unfortunately, this is about to witness the birth of a new Cyberman army, before being blown to smithereens.
The TARDIS is teleported to the Emperor's flagship, along with the travelers. The kids are taken home afterwards.

Journey 702: Chiswick 2013 to same, one week later.
Clara has already taken part in a psychic conference with the Paternoster Gang and River Song. The Doctor turns up and is tricked by Artie into playing blind man's buff. Clara reveals the fact that the Doctor's secret has been discovered - the location of his grave.

Journey 703: Chiswick, 2013, to Trenzalore, date unknown.
The TARDIS refuses to land on the planet, materialising in orbit, so the Doctor forces it to crash land. This damages one of the glass panes on the doors.
We see the Doctor's final resting place - a vast TARDIS. This proves to be the ship itself, rather than some monumental copy. A dying TARDIS' dimensions can cause the exterior to become bigger than the interior. The central console has gone. In its place is the Doctor's tangled timeline.
The mystery of Clara is revealed, and we actually get to see what was the real TARDIS Travel Journey 001 - as the First Doctor and Susan steal the TARDIS from the repair yards on Gallifrey...

In their natural state, they are cylindrical. Slightly contradicting what Idris said in the previous season, it is Clara who guides the Doctor to the particular ship that will become his home, and ultimate companion.

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