Thursday, 3 September 2015

River at Christmas - but before that...

No doubt you've all heard by now that River Song will be back in this year's Christmas Special, but there was also a little bit of Series 9 news tucked away in this week's issue of the Radio Times. In a piece about forthcoming drama productions set to appear over the Autumn, there was a tiny mention of Doctor Who. What it said was that the Doctor and Clara would be facing a new race called the Sandmen, plus Weeping Angels and Cybermen. The return of this latter pair is obviously news (no photos or appearances in trailers), so there's no clear notion of where they fit in to the series. The Angels could be in the finale (I'd be very surprised if the Cybermen got another series finale so soon) but equally, with something like episode 9, we have only been told about Reece Shearsmith and others guesting and that it is allegedly a "found footage" story. Episode 10's threat is also unknown.
I'll stick my neck out and go for Cybermen in 9, and Angels in 11 and /or 12 (depending if it is a two-parter or two linked episodes, like 5 & 6).
Regarding River, the Silence in the Library two-parter suggests that she has met more than one Doctor before the Tenth - so I am guessing this is a River from some mid-point in their relationship.

So, less than three weeks to go. Moffat will no doubt give his episode guide in the Radio Times issued on Tuesday 15th - that usually fills in the remaining episode titles. And this year we are actually getting a 13 episode series (almost) as Christmas falls less than three weeks after Episode 12 airs. It's the shortest wait we've ever had for the festive Special.

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