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TARDIS Travels No.33(c)

Series 6, Part the Second. Since we last saw the Doctor, he has been off trying to find baby Melody - but to no avail.
Journey 612: Date and location unknown to Leadworth, 2011.
Unseen, the Doctor has arrived in Leadworth or its environs prior to this, though later in Amy and Rory's timeline, in order to have picked up a copy of the local newspaper. The TARDIS materialises in the middle of the crop message that Amy and Rory have just created to attract the Doctor's attention.

Journey 613: Leadworth, 2011, to Berlin, 1938.
Mel hijacks the TARDIS and forces the Doctor to take them all to Berlin - as she just happens to make the off-the-cuff decision to kill Adolf Hitler. The ship must materialise in ordinary space / time in mid-air for it to crash through a window of the Reichs Chancellery Building. The whole issue of "temporal grace" within the TARDIS gets a mention. It first appeared in The Hand of Fear, and then arose again in Arc of Infinity, though we have seen a number of deaths in the ship since (Attack of the Cybermen for instance). Here, the Doctor says that he was simply lying about weapons not working within the ship.

Journey 614: Berlin - Reichs Chancellery to Hotel Adlon, 1938.
We've seen holograms of the Doctor appear in the TARDIS twice so far - the Ninth in Parting of the Ways, and the Tenth in Blink. These were pre-recorded messages. Now we have the interface with the ship - which takes on the form of all the most recent female companions before settling on young Amelia Pond. The poisoned Doctor dons top hat and tails to follow Amy, Rory and River to the fancy restaurant.

Journeys 615 & 616: Berlin, 1938 - Hotel Adlon to Tesselecta and back to the hotel.
The TARDIS enters the Tesselecta machine to rescue Amy and Rory. River is at the controls - surprised that she knows how to pilot the ship. She claims that it taught her.

Journey 617: Berlin, 1938, to hospital, 52nd Century.
I am presuming that this is in River's main time. She is later seen to enroll at Lunar University in 5123. The location of the hospital isn't mentioned, but the Doctor states that it is run by the Sisters of the Infinite Schism.

Journey 618: Hospital, 52nd Century, to England, 2011.
The location of the block of flats where young George and his parents live is never specified, but if the accents are local then we are somewhere in London.

Journey 619: England, 2011, to Apalapucia, date unknown.
The TARDIS materialises in a vestibule in the Two Streams Facility, a hospital complex where time runs at two different speeds, depending on whether you are in Red Waterfall or Green Anchor.

Journey 620: Apalapucia, date unknown - Green Anchor to Red Waterfall.
In order to rescue Amy from having to spend decades trapped in the Facility, the TARDIS breaks through to her time stream.

Journey 621: Apalapucia, date unknown, to spacecraft, unknown region of space, 21st Century.
At first glance the Doctor and his companions think they have arrived in a British hotel in the 1980's. This proves to be a holographic construct, and they are really in a space vessel which houses the faith-devouring Minotaur. I am presuming that this is the early 21st Century as that is when the majority of the victims hail from. The craft is in the same region of space as Gibbis' home planet of Tivoli, as he can see it out of the porthole.

Journey 622: Spacecraft, 21st Century, to England, 2011.
There is obviously an unseen trip to Tivoli to drop off Gibbis before the Doctor takes Amy and Rory to their new home in an unspecified English town or city. I presume it is Leadworth, as Rory's dad will later be found to live nearby, but this is odd as the couple already had a perfectly nice residence in the town (seen at the start of The Impossible Astronaut). The Doctor could not have arranged the house and car before this, so he must at some point afterwards go back to an earlier point in time to make these arrangements.

Journey 623: Date and location unknown, to Colchester, Essex, 2011.
There will have been many, many unseen journeys prior to this, as the Doctor has aged 200 years. The Doctor visits Craig Owens on the 18th April, 2011, and stays until the 20th. It is then time for him to go and face his fate at Lake Silencio. But there are a few other places to visit first...

Journey 624: Colchester, 2011, to date and location unknown.
The Doctor visits the scene of a battle involving the Daleks - or is responsible for this himself. This is to gain a Dalek memory core.

Journey 625: Date and location unknown to Calisto B, 52nd Century.
The Dalek memory core allows the Doctor to track down an ex-member of the Silence - Father Gideon Vandalour. He proves to have been killed and replaced by the same Tesselecta previously encountered in Berlin, 1938.

Journey 626: Calisto B to Vegas 12, 52nd Century.
The Tesselecta points the Doctor towards the Chess Pits of Vegas 12, where the Doctor meets a genuine Silence agent named Gantok.

Journey 627: Vegas 12 to the Seventh Transept, location unknown, 52nd Century.
Gantok takes the Doctor to one of the catacombs used by the Headless Monks. The Doctor collects the still living head of Dorium Maldovar.

Journey 628: Seventh Transept to the Tesselecta, 52nd Century.
We won't find this out until the end of the episode, but the Doctor takes the TARDIS into the Tesselecta, presumably back on Calisto B, which takes on the Doctor's form. The Tesselecta then travels to 21st Century Earth.
And this is where we came in back in The Impossible Astronaut. It is the Tesselecta-Doctor that is seen to die at Lake Silencio.

Journey 629: Utah, 2011, to the Seventh Transept, 52nd Century.
The Doctor takes Dorium back to the catacombs.
Next up - the last days of the Ponds...

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