Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Series 9 Snippets

A few items starting to slip out about the forthcoming series. I bought the latest issue of SFX today, and the new DWM is out tomorrow. Nothing terribly spoilery.
The first episode is described as being a quest to find the Doctor. There can't be a cinema release (as with Deep Breath) because it is the opener of a two-parter, and it is supposed to have a cracking cliffhanger. Moffat describes it as an epic worthy of a series finale. The Missy Master joins forces with the Doctor at one point.
Episodes 3 & 4 (from Toby Withouse) are the underwater-base-haunted-by-ghosts ones.
5 & 6 are the Viking / Highwayman ones, with Maisie Williams. This confused me slightly, as SFX implies these are two different stories - but we have been told that MW only appears in one story. Rufus Hound is a Highwayman.
7 & 8 are the Zygon story - described as another series-finale-worthy story. Mention made of a global setting (including Mexico) and it being a sequel of sorts to The Day of the Doctor.
Episode 9 (the League of Gentlemen reunion - written by one and starring another) appears to be in the form of "found footage".
10 is an "urban thriller". Moffat says they haven't done this style before - obviously forgetting how he previously described The Bells of St John. It's the one where Rigsy returns.
Episode 11 is supposed to be a one-hander, pretty much Capaldi on his own.
Nothing at all about the last episode. Some photos emerged this week of Jenna dressed as a waitress.

There is a video to advertise the "Mission Dalek" digital project. Do check it out as it includes scenes from the new series that don't appear in either of the two trailers. You may have noticed that there is no mention of the Daleks in the list of episodes above, so I am assuming they are in the opening story. (We saw Missy with a Dalek in the second trailer).
And since I last posted on the new series (looking at Trailer #2) I speculated about the lion-faced being. Have now looked a bit closer and this guy appears to breathe flames out of his mouth, so not a new version of the Tharils obviously - unless Romana introduced the Vindaloo to E-Space..

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