Wednesday, 12 August 2015

August Figurines

Received the latest figurines today. Two regular releases, plus another of the larger special edition ones, which you pay extra for.
This is The Beast, from The Satan Pit. Obviously not to scale with the regular figures - it would need to be as tall as I am if it were. Only thing that looks not quite right are the green claws, and of course we never got to see his lower half on screen.
The other figures are the Handbot from The Girl Who Waited - one of the most boring releases to date. They seem determined to issue every character from the New Series, irrespective of how popular they are. I would much prefer to have something like a Sensorite instead of this. It'll be going to the rear of the display.
Much better is the Cyberman from The Moonbase. As with the previous Cyberman releases, it is in a walking pose rather than standing still. I display all of them together, in a row, in chronological order naturally.

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