Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Series 9 Trailer 2

The BBC have released a second trailer for Series 9. Perhaps the most significant thing is the mix of old and new Daleks appearing together - and the sight of Missy with a Dalek. We knew she was in the opening two-parter, but I didn't think that was the Dalek story - so looks like she appears later in the series as well.

As well as the "Rock Star" Doctor - apparently from the UNIT / Zygon story - and the big robots from the Viking themed one - which we have seen before, there are glimpses of a couple of new characters.

The lion-faced being with Maisie Williams looks a bit Tharil, doesn't he? Could it be that she is a regenerated Romana? She could easily have escaped the Time War if she was off in the pocket E-Space universe.

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