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TARDIS Travels No.32

The era of the Eleventh Doctor begins. So does the era of Steven Moffat, so there's an awful lot of TARDIS shenanigans for the next few series. A Christmas Carol will probably need a whole entry on its own...
Journey 526: Earth orbit to Leadworth, Gloucestershire, Easter 1996.
We see the TARDIS fly over London before it makes a crash-landing in young Amelia Pond's garden. It arrives on its back, wrecking a shed. The Doctor reports that the swimming pool has ended up in the library.

Journey 527: Leadworth, 1996, to Leadworth, 2008.
The engines are phasing and threatening to destroy the ship, so the Doctor takes it on a quick flight to get them back into phase. Instead of rematerialising a few minutes later, 12 years have passed. The ship then locks the Doctor out whilst it repairs itself.

Journeys 528 & 529: Leadworth, 2008, to the Moon then back to Leadworth, June 2010.
After chasing off the Atraxi, the Doctor returns to Amy's garden and finds the TARDIS has rebuilt itself - inside and out. The exterior is a darker shade of blue, and the St John's Ambulance badge is back on the door. The control room now has a copper theme, with the console on a higher, glass-floored, level and no longer in the centre of the console room. The console itself has been totally redesigned. The time rotor now contains a series of glass globes of different sizes. The Doctor takes it on a quick test flight to the Moon and returns - to find that another two years have passed. It is the eve of Amy's wedding to Rory Williams.

Journey 530: Leadworth, 2010, to unknown region of space, 3295.
The TARDIS materialises in deep space and Amy is able to float outside - the ship extending its atmosphere. They just happen to be in the vicinity of Starship UK. The date comes from Amy's age - 1306. The ship now has two scanners - one on the console and a huge circular one in the wall near the doors.

Journey 531: Space to Starship UK, 3295.
The TARDIS materialises in London - Oxford Street - aboard the Starship.

Journey 532: Starship UK, 3295, to London (the original one), 1941.
WWII Prime Minister Winston Churchill is able to phone the TARDIS. The ship arrives in the Cabinet War Rooms some weeks after this call. The Doctor does not give any reason or excuse for this delay.

Journey 533: London, Cabinet War Rooms, to Dalek spaceship in Earth orbit, 1941.
The Doctor travels alone to the Dalek saucer - armed only with a Jammie Dodger. He witnesses the creation of a new Dalek Paradigm.

Journey 534: Dalek saucer to Cabinet War Rooms, 1941.
The Doctor returns to London in order to stop Professor Bracewell from exploding. Sounds more exciting than it was...

Journey 535: London, 1941, to Delirium Archive, date unknown.
The Doctor and Amy are visiting the museum dedicated to the Headless Monks, and come upon a spaceship Home Box dating from the 51st Century - so we are some time later than that.

Journey 536: Delirium Archive, date unknown, to deep space, 51st Century.
On the Home Box, River has given the co-ordinates 7775/349x10,012/acorn. The ship materialises in space close to the spaceship Byzantium she was travelling on, and the Doctor extends an air corridor so that she can cross over into the TARDIS.

Journey 537: Unknown region of space to Alfava Metraxis, 51st Century.
River reveals that she knows how to pilot the TARDIS. She knows about the blue stabilisers - which the Doctor refuses to use as they are boring. River also reveals that the famous wheezing-groaning sound the ship makes when it (de)materialises is due to the brakes being left on. This is at odds with the fact that all other Time Lords' TARDISes make the same noise. Do they all leave the brakes on?
When Romana made a landing by the book - back in The Pirate Planet - it made the usual noise, so River might just be winding the Doctor up.

Journey 538: Alfava Metraxis, 51st Century, to Leadworth, June 2010.
The Doctor returns to Amy's home - on the eve of her wedding. Amy tries to bed the Doctor. You can tell the new show-runner is now a middle aged heterosexual bloke.

Journey 539: Leadworth - Amy's house to the pub, June 2010.
Obviously the same evening, as Rory is on his stag night. The Doctor and Amy could have just walked, but we saw him push her into the ship at the end of the last episode.

Journey 540: Leadworth, June 2010, to Venice, 1580.
The Doctor takes Amy and Rory on a romantic break to La Serenissima. Unfortunately the city is full of Vampires (actually alien Saturnynes).

Journeys 541 & 542: Venice, 1580, to the Candle Meadows of Karass Don Slava, date unknown, then to unknown region of space, date unknown.
An unseen journey, but the TARDIS has picked up some psychic pollen that has heated up in the console. This has caused the Doctor, Amy and Rory to dream they have been in Leadworth in 2015, as well as trapped in deep space near a Cold Star. We do see the Doctor blow the pollen out into space.

Journey 543: Unknown region of space, date unknown, to Cwmtaff, Wales, 2020.
The TARDIS is supposed to be going to Rio, but ends up in the Welsh valleys. The Doctor plans to use the ship to travel down to the Silurian shelter, but they bring it down to their city anyway by more conventional means.

Journey 544: Silurian city to Cwmtaff churchyard, 2020.
After Rory's death, the Doctor returns the Northover family back home. He discovers that his TARDIS lies at the heart of the explosion that has caused all the cracks in time.

Journey 545: Cwmtaff, 2020, to Paris, 2010.
The Doctor takes Amy to the Musee d'Orsay in Paris where they find a troubling painting by Vincent Van Gogh.

Journey 546: Paris, 2010, to Auvers-sur-Oise, June 1890.
In order to investigate the painting, the Doctor travels back to the south of France to the date when the picture was painted.

Journeys 547 - 549: Auvers-sur-Oise, 1890, to Paris, 2010.
The Doctor and Amy take Vincent to the museum so that he can see how his work will be regarded in the future. They then take him back home, and return to the d'Orsay as Amy thinks this will have changed Vincent's life - that he will have lived to paint new pictures. Sadly, this is not the case, but she has inspired his sunflower paintings.

Journey 550: Paris to Colchester, Essex, 2010.
The TARDIS materialises in Colchester but is suddenly thrown off into the Vortex when the Doctor exits. Amy is unable to land it until the Doctor figures out what is interfering with it. This proves to another dimensionally transcendental time-ship.
There is an unseen journey when the Doctor takes Amy back to arrange for the Doctor's stay at Craig's. Which is odd, as it would take them back to when the time-ship was still operational. Perhaps now knowing what the cause was means the Doctor can now defend against it. First appearance of the zig-zag plotter.

Journey 551: Colchester, 2010, to Space Florida, date unknown.
Not an unseen journey as such, as we glimpse it in The Big Bang and know it takes place just before all that business with the Pandorica.

Journey 552: Space Florida, date unknown, to Planet One, date unknown.
The Doctor decides to translate the oldest message in the universe. This proves to be the work of River Song. There is a set of co-ordinates, which take them to...

Journey 553: Planet One, date unknown, to Wiltshire, 102 AD.
At least what will eventually become Wiltshire. They have landed near a Roman camp, in the vicinity of Stonehenge. Winston Churchill's latest phone call to the TARDIS has been diverted to River Song, in Stormcage Prison, in 5145.

Journey 554: Stonehenge, 102 AD, to Leadworth, June 2010.
River takes the TARDIS to Amy's home. The Pandorica Alliance have raided it in order to set up the trap to ensnare the Doctor.

Journey 555: Leadworth, 2010, to unknown location, 2010.
River finds she cannot return to 102 AD. The ship materialises within something solid - possibly underground - and begins to explode. Later we will see that the exploding TARDIS appears up in the sky - so this could possibly even be the Moon.

Journey 556: Unknown location, 2010, to Leadworth, 2010.
The Doctor gains access to the TARDIS using the Pandorica and resets the universe with a second Big Bang. His existence unravels. Amy remembers him, and the TARDIS, and brings them back on her wedding day.

Journey 557: Leadworth - wedding venue to Amy's garden, 2010.
The Doctor moves the TARDIS to Amy's house so that he and the wedding guests can dance.

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  1. With the sheer number of stops around 2010, you'd think there was an important time/space event occurring that year or something...