Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Symphonic Spectacular

Do you know what you'll be doing on 23rd May next year? I do...
Last year I didn't have much luck obtaining tickets for the anniversary events. I was on holiday and away from a computer when the November convention tickets went on sale. By the time I tried to get any, they were sold out.
The day the Prom tickets went on sale, the computer crashed.
If you look at most websites which have announced the Symphonic Spectacular tour, which visits several UK cities in late May next year, you'll have read that tickets go on sale as of Friday morning (1st August). However, if you first read the news on the doctorwhonews website, you'll have noted that See Tickets are selling them from today - so this afternoon I bought mine.
3pm on 23rd May 2015 will see me sat in row T of the Wembley Arena. Come and say hello if you're there that day.

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