Monday, 14 July 2014

New Trailer - Key Points

Most of the new trailer features the Doctor / Clara / TARDIS, but there are a few new things to get excited about. The creature above, with eyes on stalks, comes from either episode 4 or 5. It was seen on location -sans spacesuit - when filming took place in a Cardiff Park. I suspect it may be the Steve Thompson story.

This is from the Gareth Roberts story, as this creature was seen alongside another creature played by Jimmy Vee. Lots of people pointing out the similarity to a games character (Garrus from Mass Effect).

I think this might be from Deep Breath, as we know that this story is certainly set in Victorian times. Robots do feature fairly prominently in other stories of Series 8, however.

Daleks - as we knew from the teaser the other day. Believed to be Phil Ford's episode 2. The bronze ones, you'll notice. The New Paradigm have been conspicuous by their absence of late - no sign of them in the closing stories of the Matt Smith era.

Without doubt, the Mark Gatiss Robin Hood story (episode 3).

The opening episode again? If so, this might also be mechanical. Silurians and dinosaurs obviously just go together.

I recall similar scenes in the trailer for Series 5 and getting terribly excited - and the episode turned out to be a great disappointment. Hopefully not so this time - please...

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