Sunday, 11 August 2013

That Was The Week That Was 11.8.13

Big news of the week has obviously been the reaction to last Sunday night's announcement. The great majority of people are very positive, Capaldi being regarded as a very fine actor who is sure to do wonders with the role. Some younger fans are not happy that we have an older actor in the lead role, and others would have preferred to see a female Doctor, or one from an ethnic minority.
Fact is, the BBC aren't going to change their mind. Peter Capaldi is the Twelfth Doctor. Only time will tell how good a Doctor he might be.
And it is now confirmed that we won't get to see him in action until Autumn 2014 - apart from the obligatory regeneration scene in the Christmas Special.
Seems that hasn't actually started filming yet. Matt Smith was still in LA at the beginning of the week, and Jenna Coleman is filming P.D James' Pride and Prejudice sequel, Death Comes To Pemberley. The TARDIS set is not due for use until after 25th August (when the studio tours end).

The Green Death Special Edition was released on Monday. Very little special about it, but that is the case with most of these Special Editions. The cover art for The Tenth Planet DVD release has been revealed (courtesy of Blogtor).

Apart from a couple of antipodean events - an exhibition and another set of musical performances - the week has been otherwise quiet. I've got a few days off, and so will be paying another visit to Cardiff - to see what's new at the Experience and to take part in one of the aforementioned TARDIS tours.
I'll also be popping along to the Museum of London to see the Radio Times exhibition. Expect my musings through the week.

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