Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Radio Times @ Museum of London

I finally got round to visiting the Museum of London this afternoon, and saw the small Radio Times Cover Story exhibit. As well as the RTD Dalek posing in front of the award-winning "Vote Dalek" cover, there are a few pieces of artwork - including work by Frank Bellamy. There is some vintage Who on video to view, and you can peruse Ray Cusick's Dalek designs.

The main focus of the exhibit is, as the name implies, a selection of RT covers over the decades, and there are five Doctor Who ones represented - covering Hartnell to Tennant.

The RT exhibit is to be found at the end of the museum - though you can slip downstairs from the main entrance / shop area if you want to go straight to it. Personally, I'd save it until the end of the full museum experience. If you've never been to the Museum of London before - be you a tourist or a Londoner - then I would strongly recommend it. It's really nicely laid out in chronological order (I hate museums and galleries that jump about all over the place), and there are plenty of activities for the kids to get involved with.

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