Saturday, 17 August 2013

Hartnell TV Interview Discovered

Very pleased to read about the discovery of an in-vision interview with William Hartnell which has been unearthed by Richard Bignall (reported on It is going to be included as an extra on The Tenth Planet DVD release.
Bignall produces the excellent Nothing At The End Of The Lane research publication. The last issue of this featured a piece on the ill-fated pantomime tour which Hartnell undertook just after leaving Doctor Who - and this interview comes from that period.
Naturally we all get hot and bothered about old episodes turning up - but this marks the finding of the only interview with Hartnell on camera.
Apparently, it was found quite a while ago - as it was shown to David Bradley to help him prepare for his performance as Hartnell in An Adventure In Space And Time.

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