Friday, 30 August 2013

New Figurine Collection

Today I bought Issue 1 of the new Doctor Who figurine collection. The first figure is the 11th Doctor, giving his Stonehenge speech from The Pandorica Opens. The accompanying magazine has a large feature on that episode, as well as a piece on the TARDIS, one on Matt Smith's original costume, and a look at what was going on in Doctor Who and the wider world in 1963.
The figure is very well done. A guide issued along with the magazine lets us know of future releases - and they cover the whole 50 years of the programme.
All 11 Doctors will be released, but no sign of companions.
From the Hartnell era we are going to get an original Dalek and The Tenth Planet Cyberman.
From the Toughton period an Ice Warrior and a Tomb Cyberman.
There will be Omega, a Silurian, Draconian, Axon Monster and Dalek from Day of the Daleks representing Jon Pertwee's tenure in the TARDIS.
From the Tom Baker years, a Zygon, a Voc Robot, an Osiran Mummy, a Wirrn, and the decayed Master.
Into Davison's era and we get Sharaz Jek, an Earthshock Cyberman, a Warriors Sea Devil and a Terrileptil.
Only a Vervoid makes it from Colin Baker's time. Please note there is no Eric Roberts Master...
There's the Ancient Haemovore and Special Weapons Dalek from McCoy's period.
From 2005 there is the new RTD Dalek and Cassandra.
Davros, a Judoon, Sycorax, Cyberman and Cyber-Controller, a Sontaran and the Red / Gold Dalek Supreme represent the Tennant era.
Bringing things up to date are Strax, a masked Siluran, new Paradigm Dalek, the new Ice Warrior, a Weeping Angel and a Silent.
This is what is featured but may not represent the whole list to be released. The magazine implies there will be 50 issues - so they will be able to include the 12th Doctor if releases are fortnightly.

The first issue is £2.99 and all future issues will be £6.99. The second issue has the Julian Bleach Davros, the third a Tennant era Cyberman, and the fourth an Angel.
Should you decide to subscribe, you get a few free gifts - an Emperor Dalek (RTD version), a binder for the magazines, and a stand that can accommodate 10 figures. You can also get an on-line version of the mag.
It's probably best to subscribe, as shops only ever carry the first few issues of any part-work. Do be wary about the small print however. If you don't tick some boxes you end up buying more folders (£6.99 each) and display stands (£14.99 each) which you might not want.
For an extra £1 per issue you can upgrade and get some exclusive Daleks - Dalek Sec, the cobwebbed Emperor Guard Dalek from Asylum, the Masterplan Black Dalek, the RTD Emperor Guard, a movie one, the chained "Oswin" Dalek, and the Saucer Commander from Invasion. Please note they don't all get sent at once.
I think I will certainly subscribe (and go for the extra Daleks). An average of £4 per week for a good quality 1:21 scale miniature and a publication seems quite good value to me.


  1. I've subscribed for the lot Gerry I couldn't miss out on the extra Daleks etc.

  2. I've now subscribed also - at the enhanced rate. Can't pass up the chance for that massive Dalek Emperor or those additional Daleks.