Saturday, 9 June 2012

Assimilation Squared

This morning my copy of the first issue of the Doctor Who / Star Trek crossover comic arrived. I'm not a big comics fan, but I do like Star Trek - so couldn't resist this. Unfortunately it is the rather wishy-washy Next Generation lot, though the cover of the third issue promises Kirk & Spock (as well as the Fourth Doctor).
The Trek personnel don't appear until the final frame, but the opening sequence is all Star Trek - the Federation planet Delta IV under attack by a combined Cyberman / Borg army. The Deltans featured in the very first movie - remember the attractive (probably) bald lady? There are Vulcans and Andorrans present too.
The story then switches to ancient Egypt where the Doctor, Amy and a chariot-driving Rory have a bit of a self-contained adventure. A mysterious green crystal leads them to San Francisco in 1941, to meet Riker, Data and Dr. Crusher - or could it be the Enterprise Holodeck? Picard did used to play at being a 1940's film noir detective.
A couple of things to look out for on the penultimate page:
On 4th Street is a big sign for "Tom's Bakery", and take a look at the menu board outside the bar they enter - A Good Quiche Goes to War, The Rebel Wraps etc.

Will this ever be considered canon? Sadly no, as Star Trek has been identified as a fictional entity in the Doctor Who universe - most recently in Closing Time when Craig encounters a transmat / transporter. Remember also Rose asking the Doctor for a "bit of Spock" in The Empty Child.
It's very good fun nonetheless, bringing two massive Sci-Fi icons together. I've already pre-ordered issues 2 & 3 and am looking forward to seeing what happens next.

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