Sunday, 3 June 2012


I live 100 yards away from the River Thames (in Pimlico) and, would you believe it, here I am stuck at work. (Blogging on my break I hasten to add). I've watched a minute or two of the BBC coverage on the news, but not really interested to be honest. Might watch the highlights later. Too much bling involved in royal events - can look a bit vulgar and tasteless. Sometimes less really is more.
Speaking of which, apparently the ubiquitous John Barrowman is one of the presenters. (Actually I like JB very very much).

Of course there are many connections between "The Firm" and Doctor Who.
Elements of Rob Shearman's BF audio 'Jubilee' fed into 2005's Dalek. From here the Jubilee Pizza Company was born - seen several times in Torchwood and DW stories such as Dalek and The Lodger.
The Silver Jubilee in 1977 played an intrinsic part in 1983's Mawdryn Undead - as well as stirring up the whole UNIT dating controversy.
In the parallel universe where the Third Doctor found himself (Inferno), the Republican Security Force had executed the Royals. The Doctor mentions having met George V in this story.
He has also met Henry VIII (sent him to the Tower), Victoria (might be a Lupine Wavelength Haemovariform - or alien werewolf if you prefer) and Elizabeth I (secretly married her). The Doctor couldn't remember whose coronation he had been to - Victoria or Elizabeth I - but didn't mind going back to see either for a second time (The Curse of Peladon).

The current Royals have been mentioned or seen on screen several times - Silver Nemesis (walking the corgis), The Christmas Invasion (up on the roof), Voyage of the Damned (in curlers and slippers),and Planet of the Dead (parks the TARDIS in her garden occasionally).
(Producer John Nathan-Turner actually tried to get Prince Edward to appear in Silver Nemesis).
The events of ER II's Coronation form the backdrop to the Wire's scheme in The Idiot's Lantern.
I'm sure the connection will continue - both with the current lot and with future monarch's - we've already been introduced to the gun-toting Liz 10.

I did read somewhere that "they" are quite fond of the programme - so maybe not quite so tasteless after all.

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