Sunday, 3 May 2015

The TARDIS Has Gone Green...

Back again. Did ye miss me? Nah? Well stuff ye...
Whilst I was in Glasgow, I came across a number of the city's many TARDISes - of which there are quite a few, These ones are all in the city centre. The first one I came across was up on the High Street near Glasgow Cathedral (below).

That's the Cathedral in the background (which I will be talking about in my history blog shortly). Naturally, whenever anyone sees one of these Police Boxes, they call them "TARDISes" - though not necessarily with Capital Letters....
As I stopped to take this picture, there were several other people doing the same, and the words "Police" and "Box" were rarely mentioned. They were being referred to as "TARDISes" throughout - especially if kids were present.
Later on I moved over to Buchanan Street - which is where I took the pic at the top of this post. Probably Glasgow's most famous TARDIS, as it is most central. If you have been following me on the Book of the Face, you will have seen my horror at what happened to it this morning. Yes, it went green. Or Green.

Now I don't know if this is simply the undercoat, or if this particular TARDIS is coming out for the Green Party (there is an election in the UK in a few day's time), or if a crowd of rampaging Celtic fans - fed up with the TARDIS always being blue - came along... All I know is the TARDIS in Buchanan Street is now, as of this morning, lime green...
But that wasn't the half of it. As I walked up to the coach station, I passed the eastern end of Sauchiehall Street - Glasgow's most famous thoroughfare. And there was another TARDIS.
And this one was bright red...

I love the fact that you can still see real Police Boxes in Glasgow, and that the average passer-by refers to them as TARDISes, but this multi-colour thing I am not so sure about.
PS: One thing to note about real Police Boxes - no lamps on top. Sirens.


  1. Lime green looks good, maybe it was for St Patrick's day episode.

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    1. That explains it. Thanks for letting me know.