Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Figurine Collection - May 2015

If you looked at my Facebook page yesterday you will have seen another image of the latest pair of figurines to arrive from Eaglemoss. Alongside the Lady Cassandra we get the Third Doctor - a very good likeness of Jon Pertwee. He's in his dark blue, red-trimmed suit from The Green Death, the story featured in the accompanying magazine. Only in his first season did Pertwee wear any kind of "uniform" outfit, as most of his fellows have done. Physically and sartorially, Pertwee changed his appearance more than any other Doctor. He is holding his sonic screwdriver - its first appearance in the figurine collection. One nice touch is the detail of the silver ring on his left hand. Just five more Doctors to be released - One, Two, Six, Seven and Eight.
The Cassandra figure is the one from New Earth rather than the original seen in End of the World - so it's her backside rather than her front. The frame is rusted. For the first time, the base actually constitutes part of the figurine. A pity they couldn't have added a little Giant Maggot to the Pertwee figure's base.
The next confirmed release will be the strait-jacketed Teller, from Series 8's Time Heist.

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