Wednesday, 15 April 2015

TARDIS Travels No.21

Before we get into Season 21 proper, which sees Peter Davison bow out, and Colin Baker barge in, we still have the stand-alone 20th Anniversary story to deal with.

Journey 224: Fitzwilliam Castle, England, 1215, to the Eye of Orion, date unknown.
No sign of Kamelion, strangely. The much mentioned Eye of Orion looks just like Earth (North Wales in particular). The Doctor comes under attack as his earlier selves are removed from their time-streams.

Journey 225: Eye of Orion, date unknown, to Gallifrey, date unknown.
The Doctor sends the TARDIS to where he can find out what is happening to him, and so it materialises on Gallifrey once more. This time it doesn't land in the Capitol. Instead, it arrives in the middle of the Death Zone - which looks very like the Eye of Orion. Or, indeed, North Wales.

Journey 226: Death Zone (exterior), to the Dark Tower, Gallifrey - date unknown.
Turlough and Susan are trapped in the ship as the Cybermen are about to blow it up. The force-field emanating from the Tower - Rassilon's tomb - is deactivated, and the TARDIS travels there.
Once Borusa has been defeated, if it is the Special Edition you are watching on DVD, all the earlier Doctors leave Gallifrey via the Time Scoop. As broadcast they all traipse into the TARDIS, which then splits into alternative versions to depart.

Journey 227: Gallifrey, date unknown, to Earth orbit, 2084.
The TARDIS develops a fault and is stationary in orbit above the Earth. It is attacked by an automated defence probe.

Journey 228: Earth orbit to Seabase 4, 2084.
The Doctor makes an emergency landing, the ship materialising in a storeroom in Seabase 4. Two power blocs are poised to go to war in this period, but we aren't sure who they are. The obvious would be the West (USA and allies) and the East (Russia and allies). If so, judging by the names of the base personnel, this belongs to the Eastern forces. One other theory is that the blocs represent the Northern and Southern hemispheres. In keeping with his open door policy the Doctor - leaves the TARDIS door open... Yet again, someone seeing the ship's interior renders the Doctor completely innocent of any possible wrong-doing.

Journey 229: Seabase 4, 2084, to Little Hodcombe, England, 1984.
Tegan wants to visit yet another of her incident-prone relatives - this time her grandfather. The TARDIS materialises in the crypt of the local church, which now stands derelict. This is probably due to there being a huge evil alien underneath it. Dry rot they could have coped with... The Malus is able to breach the ship's defences and begin to materialise in the control room.

Journey 330: Little Hodcombe - church crypt to elsewhere in the village, 1984.
Another packed TARDIS. The Doctor moves the ship out of the crypt before the Malus destroys it and itself.
There is an unseen journey when the Doctor takes Will back to the 17th Century. This may have been after Tegan spent some time with her relative, or the Doctor may have left her there, and come back to collect her after taking Will home.

Journey 331: Little Hodcombe, 1984 (or 1643), to Frontios, far distant future.
So far in the future that the ship warns it has exceeded temporal limits. Presumably some limit built in by the Time Lords, as the TARDIS goes well beyond this point once they are no longer around. The Gravis is able to pull the ship apart and drag the pieces into the ground - without unleashing any destructive forces from its heart. The console room hat-stand gets a pivotal role to play, and is left behind on Frontios as a souvenir once the Gravis has been tricked into reassembling the ship.
Two unseen journeys here, as the Doctor takes the Gravis to Kolkoron and then returns to Frontios.

Journey 332: Frontios, far future, to London, 1984.
On leaving Frontios, the TARDIS gets trapped in a time corridor which pulls it towards Earth. The ship breaks free but shadows the corridor so the Doctor can find out who is responsible. Clue: they come from Skaro. Yes, the Daleks are behind this - with a convoluted plan worthy of the Cybermen at their height. The ship materialises at Shad Thames, in the Pool of London. The Daleks move the TARDIS to their spaceship in the future (sometime post 4000AD).

Journey 333: Dalek spaceship, future, to London, 1984.
The TARDIS materialises in the warehouse where the rival Dalek factions are fighting, and the Doctor releases the Movellan virus. Tegan elects to leave the ship at this point.

Journey 334: London, 1984, to Lanzarote, 1984.
At last Kamelion finally comes out of hiding - just in time to fall under the thrall of the Master once more. Turlough is acting all suspicious, before rescuing Perpugiliam Brown from drowning.

Journey 335: Lanzarote, 1984, to Lanzarote, date unknown. Well, it's Sarn actually.
Not that you'd know as Sarn just happens to look like Lanzarote. They should have made it look like, oh, North Wales - just to differentiate it a bit. This is Kamelion's doing - under the Master's influence - as he is trapped here, in somewhat reduced circumstances. The TARDIS lands in the town square.

Journey 336: Sarn - town square to volcano control centre.
The TARDIS travels to the control room at the heart of the volcano, where the Doctor destroys Kamelion and - apparently - the Master.

Journey 337: Sarn - volcano control centre back to town square.
Half the population take shelter in the TARDIS this time. Turlough calls on his own people to come and mount a rescue mission, and he decides to go home with them.

Journey 338: Sarn, date unknown, to Androzani Minor, date unknown.
If Androzani Major is another Earth colony, then we are somewhere beyond 5000AD. Considering how much we have seen of the TARDIS interior during his tenure (along with half the guest artistes), it is a TARDIS-lite conclusion to the Fifth Doctor's time. It is only seen during the finale / regeneration. Yes, time for Colin Baker's Sixth Doctor...

Journey 339: Androzani Minor, date unknown, to Titan III, 2200.
August to be exact. The new Doctor decides to become a hermit on this knobby crag. His words, not mine. Peri will be his acolyte, whether she likes it or not. The ship's wardrobe has suffered a catastrophic Taste failure.

Journey 340: Titan III, to Jaconda, still 2200.
Look - he's waving his arms about. Again! He'll be like this for the next couple of years, I'm afraid. The TARDIS materialises on the ravaged surface of the once verdant planet, visited at least once before by the Fourth Doctor (unseen).

Journey 341: Jaconda (surface) to Jaconda (tunnels), 2200.
To infiltrate the palace, the Doctor moves the ship to the tunnels beneath the surface. As a tribute to the late Fifth Doctor, the twins and the Jacondan chancellor, as well as Hugo Land, all get to see inside.
Another unseen journey when the Doctor  takes the Sylvest twins home - assuming he did not ditch them on Kolkoron instead.
More of the Loud Doctor's TARDIS travels next time.


  1. Are you not a huge Colin Baker fan? :)

  2. Nice man and perfectly good actor, it is the characterisation of the Sixth Doctor I have the problem with. Just too unlikeable. Odd, because I don't get the same thing with Twelve.

  3. I can see your perspective. I suppose he wasn't handed the best written material to work with. :)